10 human brain facts that prove the incredible abilities of man



Our brain is incredible. It helps us reach to attain our greatest dreams and achieve the foremost tough goals.If we want to use all of his power, these are the 10 human brain facts that prove about the brain potential, we must first understand how it works. Read these incredible facts about the brain’s work that will leave you completely without words …

1. For our brain, there is no difference between reality and fantasy

Our brain reacts to every thought and can not distinguish between facts and fantasy. That’s why people who see the world through pink glasses are happier and why our body accepts the placebo as a real pharmaceutical product. Human brain facts are very hard to recognize but the scientists solve that easily.

2. Psychic work does not tire the brain

The feeling of psychological exhaustion is due to our emotions. The blood composition that passes through the brain during its activities remains unchanged. But, therefore, the blood of the veins of people working all day significantly changes. 

3. Most often, the brain works automatically

Half of today’s thoughts are actually yesterday. That’s why pessimists are so hard to change their view of the world. They should literally “purify” the brain and force it to react more often in a positive way.

4. We see what we are thinking

All thoughts turn into life experiences. For example, if you dream to go to Paris, you will see things that remind you of the city everywhere. If you want to change the world around you, change your mind.

5. The brain needs training, just like our muscles

The brain does not differ much from the muscles. And he needs training! Learning, fresh air drills, healthy eating, quality sleep, travel to new places, new activities, writing notes, dancing and even playing Tetris – it’s all useful for the brain.

6. The brain never rests

Even when we are sleeping, our brain continues with hard work. His activity during sleep is even greater than that during the day.

7. Temporary disconnection of the brain is vital

In order not to sink into the thousands of negative thoughts, we must exclude ourselves and give rest to our immune system. Do not underestimate the power of active vacation. For our brain, this is the most useful type of relaxation.

8. It’s good to forget about something because this is how you maintain the flexibility of the nervous system

In order to “preserve” new memories, our brain must get rid of the old. It would be nice if we could decide what to remember and what to forget. To do this, we should use more often the information we want to keep.

9. The brain can not feel pain

Our brain reacts to pain, but can not feel it alone because there are not enough receptors. But this does not apply to the many blood vessels, nerves and tissues around the brain.

10. We can change the brain

Each activity contributes to the creation of new neural connections in the brain. If we think that we are not capable of gaining promotion, that idea will only be strengthened in our subconscious mind over time. But if you use sentences of the type “I will succeed”, the brain will give you the opportunity to achieve your goal.

We are capable of accomplishing all that we desire. We just have to believe. 

These are 10 human brain facts, Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Thomas Fratkin

    January 20, 2019 at 11:34 am

    Incredible and most importantly consistent with cutting edge neuroscience!

    -Thomas, Neuroeconomist

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