124 Light-Years Away: A bizarre new Planet balloon Was found



Scientists, deep in space, have found a very bizarre new planet balloon, which looks like a big bubble. As stated by “Independent”, this bizarre planet
has an atmosphere filled with helium.

Scientists have discovered that gas comes out of it and that that planet actually looks like a balloon full of helium.

The object is 124 light-years away from Earth and was found by an international team of researchers, led by scientists from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Planet earth has now known about this neighbor, who looks maybe the same and is very far away. We are not sure if there is some alien life. 124 light years away is very deep in space and time, so we will need newer technology.  We are hoping for our scientists to gain a bigger budget so they can research it better with newer technology they can discover new planets and a new approach to this object.

bizzare planet ballon

“This could be an extremely exciting discovery, particularly since the inert gas is discovered solely within the atmosphere of the exoplanets.
We hope we are able to use this analysis to seek out that planets have atomic number 1 and inert gas and the way long they will keep the gases in their sphere, “said Dr.
Jessica Spike, from the Department of Physics and physical science, at the University of Ecotech.

This bizarre balloon, which is approximately the same size as Neptune, is called HAT-P-11b and is located in the constellation Cygnus. As part of the study, researchers used a spectrograph in Spain to see this planet how much it blocks the brightness of its stars when passing beside it.

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