4 unusual, however effective ways in which the trees can cure you



Many Japanese believe that

1. Go to the “forest spa” (Shinirin Yoku)

this technique improves immunity, and science has succeeded in proving it. A simple rehearse the forest will already create a sleek and greetings. Essential oils from the trees that are released into the air are causing an increase in the number of killer cages in your body. These cages are fighting against the disease and they maintain their form.

Interestingly, in 1982, the Forest Agency in Japan proposed the forest spa to be part of a healthy lifestyle. The Japanese have so much to say about this technique that even the companies support their employees to try. Well, why and do not you give the chance? You will feel the benefits for all your sisters.

Hearing: You sound like the breeze on the wind, the whispering of the leaves and the bird of the birds proven to calm the wetness. This also significantly reduces blood pressure.
View: With a view of the forest landscape alone, the grooming of the heart is amused and the sensation of calmness and joy increases.
Smell: The smell in the wood can have an incredible effect on your body. Walking down the waist reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.
The forest spas can reduce your stress, pain and blood sugar level, as well as increase your concentration.

2. Burn wood

Though it seems plausible, the reeding of trees is practiced more often than you think and that is not wise.

It is known that each atom vibrates, and the atoms of each object or substance vibrate at different frequencies. The trees have a unique vibration scheme that can cause positive changes in your body if they reach it.

Also, it has been proven that if you sample a glass of water treated with vibrations of 10 Hz, the level of blood clotting is changing at this point. So when you turn the tree, prepare for a positive vibration. The solitary digestion stimulates the oxygenate hormone, the hormone responsible for calmness. Serotonin and dopamine, hormones that are lucky enough, are also lacerated.

There is also a positive effect on the fresh air around the trees. You already know that they are serving as one type of air filters, so the inhaling of the clean air improves digestion, reduces blood pressure and improves the mood.

3. Talk about the tree

The woods are the best advisers. These are the tricks, you will be silent, you will not judge and you can trust them. And this technique may seem strange to you, but after the “conversation” the tree will emotionally be cleaned and you will feel much better.

4. Talk about yourself around the trees

It’s not bad to talk to you at all. Even research has shown that this has many benefits. The forest is a great place to have a conversation with yourself – it’s quiet and calm and there are no people in the world who you would have been involved in and would make you anxious. The conversation with yourself will not only help you find another perspective, but it will help you and your friends with you.

A study from the University of Trent and George in Nottingham, showed that the conversation with itself reduces stress and increases self-confidence. When you speak in a voice, you feel motivated to engage in discussions, and this is of great importance for the introvert. In this way, you will also show your deepest thoughts and feelings without any filter.

Well, when the next path will be in the woods, you will let the emo guys get out of you. Shout, talk, cry and laugh, for your own pleasure.

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