7 most important scientific discoveries that can soon change the world



Thanks to thousands of scientists from many different fields, our world is approaching closer to the future of science fiction, which we see in movies.

The past few years have been a real advancement for all of us. That’s why we have made a list of the most important scientific discoveries of 2017 and 2018, which will make the world better.

1. The first X-ray image in color

New Zealand scientists made the first 3D X-ray in history. The new device was made on the basis of a traditional black and white X-ray machine using particle tracking technology called Medipix.

2. Scientists have created a vest that can warn you of a heart attack a few days in advance.

Smart Vest looks pretty simple, but inside there are special sensors and electrodes. They allow you to follow your ECG, blood pressure and heart rate. And all this is done 24/7. Someone who owns this vest can take a special application on their smartphone where all heart rate data will be stored.

3. Chinese police now have smart glasses with facial recognition technology.

In early 2018, Chinese police in Zhengzhou received smart GLXSS glasses that have a face recognition system. They can shoot, record HD video, and also display lens information thanks to AR-technology. This device has already helped catch nearly 40 criminals.

4. Exoskeletal hand controlled by the mind

The engineers of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have created a prototype of an exoskeleton arm that can be controlled with the mind. The electrodes are on a special helmet. In the early versions, the electrodes were to be placed under the skin. The exoskeleton is easily controlled and can be placed within a few minutes. The device has already been tested by people that have medulla spinalis injuries or a stroke. Now engineers are improving the exoskeleton to make it good enough for mass production.

5. The researchers have proven that the theory of our origin is not accurate

For a long time, people believed that Homo sapiens came from other species 200,000 years ago in East Africa. Most of the anthropological and archaeological theories confirmed this version.

However, this summer, in the Nature magazine, an article was published by an international group of scientists. They discovered the remains of people older than 300,000 years ago. These folks lived on a very completely different a part of the African continent. Researchers are confident that if they were dressed in modern clothes, no one could recognize the difference with the modern man. This discovery proved that the theory we believe in is completely wrong.

6. Astronomers have found an object called  in our solar system

2017, many times contested science. In Hawaii, astronomers have found a unique asteroid that is not part of our Solar System. This means that it originates somewhere far in the galactic space. The speed of the asteroid is too great for our Sun to pull it off with gravity. Some scientists have the theories that the asteroid is made of living matter and has even a huge telescope that tries to capture signals from intelligent life.

7. Chinese scientists cloned a monkey

The first successful cloning experiment occurred when molecular biologists managed to breed 2 clones of the same monkey. Born by a surrogate mother, these monkeys have the same DNA. The experiment will help humanity find a cure for cancer, avoid genetically inherited diseases, and clone missing animals.


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