7 popular things that will disappear from our lives for 100 years



Nothing is forever on Earth.
Even the most famous things for us sometimes become unnecessary, and they are replaced by innovative ideas and technologies.


1. Sugar

Health experts have long talked about the dangers of sugar for the human body. The increased sugar intake is a real evil in the 21st century. Already on the market there are various substitutes for sugar that will soon be used in everyday nutrition: from natural stevia, fructose and sorbitol to artificial saccharine and aspartame.

2. Chocolate

The disappearance of chocolate is due to the growing demand and increasingly unprofitable production of chocolate. To date, 70% of such grains, or 3 million tons per year, are exported from West African countries. This figure is negligible when we calculate that only the population in North America eats 1.4 million tonnes of chocolate a year.

One of the possible alternatives to how grains are the fruits of the carob tree, which in the food industry are used as a thickener.

3. Meat

Experts from around the world are working on the creation of artificial meat that can meet the growing need for food. In addition, vegetarianism and veganism are becoming more and more popular. At this rate, traditional farms will soon become past: all quantities of meat will be produced in laboratories.

4. Glasses

Contact lenses could not completely replace glasses, but laser eye surgery can. Such an operation lasts only 10-15 minutes and is completely painless. Today, with the help of laser surgery, you can completely get rid of myopia, hyperopia, cataract, astigmatism and many other diseases. The data show that over 95% of patients are satisfied with the results of the operation. Every day, laser surgery becomes less dangerous and more affordable financial, which increases the popularity of the population.

5. Cash and checks

With innovations such as online transactions and online banking, the traditional financial system with checks and cash becomes obsolete. Already today, people around the world pay not only with credit cards, but also with the help of phones, electronic rings and bracelets, and in some cases with a chip built-in hand.

6. Passwords

Passwords are an unreliable way to encrypt personal data: in any case, any, even complex password can be hacked. Traditional codes of letters, numbers, and symbols are replaced by face and voice recognition technologies – so-called biometric passwords.

7. GoldĀ 

World gold reserves are inevitably decreasing. Experts predict that by 2050 reserves of precious metals will be exhausted, and the price for them will increase several times. Thus, for example, in Australia by 2057, out of 71 currently operating mines, only 4 remain.

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