Technology in 20 years will evolve and remove old products



Technology is constantly changing, and we are often not even aware of it. Technology in 20 years will never be the same.

After all, it evolves so fast that even if you buy the latest laptop or phone, it’s already outdated. But these things are expected to change. For the next 20 years now, some technologies, especially those you least expect, will no longer exist.

1. Rear view mirror

It is likely that all car companies will completely replace camera mirrors. In addition, cameras will be a standard addition to drones that are continually increasing their popularity. Cameras become cheaper, and this is another reason mirror to be replaced with them.


2. Telephone towers

While the application of technology evolves, physical devices shrink. As a result, more work can be completed in a much smaller area. This can also be true of telephone towers that are getting smaller. Some smartphones skip the need for a tower and communicate with each other at a distance of 500 meters. Qualcomm first noticed this and was trying to find a way to expand the discovery. By evolving this technology, towers will be completely discarded from use.


3. Remote controls

The constant loss of the remote control is likely to become a thing of the past. Millions of devices are already connected to wifi, and this means technology will be controlled through computers, tablets, smartphones and smart watches. Things like Google Home and Amazon Alexa can already control the lights and appliances in your home, only with your voice. Imagine how much this technology will improve over the next 20 years.

4. Credit cards

When they were first invented, credit cards made payment really quick and efficient. The first cards were put into use in 1950, and in the course of a year, they received 20,000 users. But this was 70 years ago, and technology today is changing every moment. Companies such as Starbucks and McDonald’s are already offering a phone bill payment. Some stores have their own applications, while others use the new option to pay for newer smartphones. Soon we could only pay by scanning our finger.


5. Metal keys

There is already a technology that can completely replace metal keys. A question of time is when the keys go to history. New cars already have an option to turn on using a button. Imagine you can unlock the door of the house through your phone. You can already open locks with voice commands, scan a finger or retina, and even with a certain gesture. Believe it or not, you can put a small palm in your palm that will be recognized by your lock. Technology in 20 years will forgot about metal keys.

6. Wired phone chargers

Imagine you should never have to worry about the battery of your phone. Already decreasing the popularity of wired phone chargers when you consider that most phones can be recharged wirelessly. Companies already create devices that use radio waves and chargers.


7.ATMs and wallets

It seems that the payment method changes every few years. However, cash payments remain the most popular. Cards and online banking will not take much longer before authorities stop spending the budget for printing banknotes and most likely only digital currencies will be introduced. Today, only 9% of the world’s population uses cash. As soon as the cache and credit cards lose their popularity, there will be no need for wallets and ATMs.

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