A huge asteroid will pass by Earth in 4 days



A huge asteroid about half the size of Mount Everest will pass by Earth next week, and astronomers have been able to photograph it.

The Observatory in Puerto Rico has released footage of a radar from a huge asteroid that NASA warned in 1998, OR2, which will pass by Earth on April 29, at a distance of about 6 million kilometers.

“Our team wears masks and respects preventive measures during the coronavirus pandemic. “This week we were observing the asteroid approaching Earth, and it looks like it’s wearing a mask,” the TeamRadar and the NAIC Observatory wrote.

The asteroid was discovered by NASA in 1998, which said at the time that it was large enough to cause global effects if it hit Earth, but current observations show that it is very unlikely to happen.

Astronomers say the asteroid is large enough to pose a threat to the entire human race, but they also stress that there is no room for panic because it will travel far beyond Earth.

The European Space Agency warned last year that 878 asteroids would hit Earth in the next 100 years.

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