A planet was found in a three-star system



A team of scientists has discovered a triple star system with one planet in a stable orbit. It is described how they discovered that the object they believed was a star, in fact, was a binary system of stars that orbited another star.

Rare are cases like this where there are planets in a three-star system. Specifically, this is the fourth such discovery so far. The latest sample is also closest to us and will allow us to study better. The main star is brighter compared to the other two around which there are planets, so researching this system will be easier.

In particular, KELT-4Ab (KELT-4Ab), a large gaseous giant, with a similar size of Jupiter is studied. This planet orbits its sun, KELT-A, for about three days. The other two stars, KELT-B and C, are farther away and their mutual orbit lasts about 30 years. And they, as a pair of stars, spend nearly four thousand years to fulfill the orbit around KELT-A.

The existence of this system was known for several years, but so far it was thought that the binary star system is actually a star. This discovery will help scientists study how a gaseous giant like KELT-4Ab manages to orbit so close to the star. According to theories, they should be at a greater distance, as in the case of Jupiter in our system.

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