Amazing brain facts that you must know



The brain is the biggest and most complicated organs within the neurons inside.

It is composed of more than 100 billion neurons that communicate through trillions of links called synapses.

Each a part of the brain is accountable for a specific performance.

For example, the neck portion that connects the spinal cord to the brain in the head is responsible for basic functions such as breathing and sleep. The front part is responsible for problem-solving, estimation as for motor functions, and the section in the temples – for remembering and listening …

Much of the functions of our brain are still a great mystery. But there are several incredible scientifically proven facts that will definitely amaze you.

1. The capture occurs when the brain needs more oxygen. In that way, he calms and wakes him up.

 2.  The brain is created from regarding seventy-fifth water.

3. Children who know two languages by the age of five are changing the structure of the brain and as adults have more gray matter.

4. A poll conducted in New York City by one million students showed that those who ate food with many additives and preservatives had poorer results on tests than those who ate more natural foods.

5. While you’re awake your brain produces 10 to 23 watts of energy – that’s enough power to power a light bulb.

6. The male and female cords do not respond the same to pain, which makes the two sexes perceive the pain differently.

7. In the first decade of the child’s life, the brain forms trillions of connections.

8. One piece of brain-grain-size grain size contains 100,000 neurons and 1 billion synapses that communicate with each other.


9. The human brain is the fastest part of the body, and can sometimes be composed of 60% fat.

10. Your brain uses about 20% of oxygen in your body.

11. Those who attend music classes have increased organizational and other abilities.

12. Information in your brain travels at a speed of about 430 km per hour, except when you are under the influence of alcohol – then things get much slower.

13. There are no receptors for pain in the brain.

14. Your brain stops growing at 18 years of age.

15. Excessive stress changes the structure, functions, and cells of the brain.

16. Although your brain is about 2% of your weight, it consumes 20-30% of the calories you consume.

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