Anyone who wants to travel into space will be able to do so next year: Prepare “Only” $ 250,000



Commercial space travel appears

to be getting closer and closer, with next year’s first commercial spacecraft, SpaceShipTwo, to be run by entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson, whose fortune is estimated at $ 3.8 billion.

As Fox Business reports, traveling 50 miles above the Earth’s surface will not be cheap.

As far as is known, interested travelers for the card will have to set aside $ 250,000.

And while some find it to be a justified price, others still disagree. They believe that this is a “over-pumped” price since SpaceShipTwo will only “lift” passengers 50 miles above Earth’s surface and bring them back.

Feathered Flight during SpaceShipTwo’s third powered flight on 10 January 2014 over the Mojave desert. This image was taken by MARS Scientific as part of the Mobile Aerospace Reconnaissance System optical tracking system. More infomation on MARS Scientific and the Mobile Aerospace Reconnaissance System can be found at: www.MarsScientific.com

In July, Branson announced that test flights would begin this fall in the US state of New Mexico.

Otherwise, the SpaceShipTwo has a capacity of 700 passengers and reaches a speed of 2.9 mah, while rising almost vertically despite gravity.

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