Elon Musk says he could move to Mars



Elon Musk is thinking about going to live on Mars , and the chances of doing so really are 70 percent, he said in an interview with Axios.

I’m talking concerning moving there”, was immediate have, investor and founder of Tesla and Space X in an interview broadcast on HBO yesterday.

For the mission to go on Mars has been talked about for years, but the problem of finding volunteers is that it’s a non-return trip, at least considering the current possibilities for the space flight. Mask is aware of this – the only question is how much. “I think we can go back, but we’re not sure,” said 47-year-old Mask.

The interview with Mask was broadcast, on the day before the NASA spacecraft, “InSight” landed on Mars, writes “Guardian”. Contrary to the opinion of the experts, Mask said he believed that Mars flight, with his company’s rocket “SpaceX”. will be possible already in “seven years”, but that flight maps will cost “several hundred thousand dollars”.

“It will be difficult. There is a chance of death”

Mask, who had a rather difficult year in business, primarily thanks to his own social networking outburst, emphasized that it was clear that the path for Mars could end in a fatal one.

Asked by the journalist whether Mars would become an escape route for the wealthy people from the overcrowded planet, Mask replied: “The probability that you will die on Mars is greater than on Earth, it will be difficult.” There is a good chance of death.

And even if you manage to land on Mars, you will have to “work constantly on building a base,” continued Mask. “There will be no time for entertainment. And even when you do it all, the environment will be very rough. Therefore, there is a great chance that you will die. We think we can go back, but we’re not sure. Does this sound like an escape route for rich people, “the eccentric businessman points out.

“The announcement of going to Mars would be like that of Shackleton for going to Antarctica,” he added, referring to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s announcement, which he reportedly published before a South Pole exploration expedition. “Men are looking for a dangerous trip, a small salary, a sharp winter, long months in total darkness, a constant danger, a return is not safe, honor and recognition in case of success,” reads the text of that announcement.

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  1. Casandra

    February 3, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    Wow! It this possible???

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