Top Futurists reveals how life will look like in 2040



How do you imagine the future? Do you assume that our lives are drastically modified or we are going to not expertise such changes? The most famous top futurist in Europe, Ray Hammond, has several interesting ideas about how the world will look like in 2040. Read his ideas and see if they match your …

1. Health

We will all carry various sensors that will constantly monitor our blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood oxygen levels. Life expectancy will continue and many will live for more than 100 years. Children born in 2040 will in some way have an endless life. With the help of genetic therapies, stem cells, and nanomedicine, if we exclude accidents and deadly diseases, we will be able to live forever and look much younger. Thanks to exoskeletons, or external artificial solid structures, older people will be able to stay moving much longer. Now they are hard and hard, but then they will be soft and comfortable.

2. Transport

Most vehicles will ride themselves, and the highways and roads will have trails for self-transport. Traffic without drivers will take place in convoys, ie in groups, so the vehicles will be very close to each other and will free up space on the highways. The only place where you can drive your car will be the licensed racing. The sale of cars driving on gasoline or diesel will be banned in 2040. Streets will look and sound very different.

As for air travel, there will be no major changes. The era of electric and airplane aircraft will come, but there will still be little control. There will also be hyper holes, tubes for transport with passenger lanes that will travel at a speed of 1100 kilometers per hour.

3. Food

Given that the world’s population will grow from the current 7 billion to more than 9 billion, we will not be able to raise meat in the same way as before. There will not be enough space for all the animals that will be needed, and the methane released from them will significantly harm the environment. Instead, there will be artificial tissue, that is, meat that will be grown in factories and there will be no need for real animals.

Already such buggers have been produced and labeled in the laboratories, and by 2040, 40% of the meat will be artificial or made from plants. It will be done in such a way that it looks, smells and will have the same taste as the real flesh. Insects will also be used as a meat substitute because they are rich in protein, cheaper and environmentally friendly. Expect to eat bugs and sausages from insects! In addition, most people will live in cities, and cereals will be grown on vertical farms on the sides of the buildings.

4. Communication

Smartphones will disappear and will be replaced by control centers that we carry in a series of devices placed around our body. For example, we will carry smart contact lenses where the texts will float before our eyes and ears that will send messages through the virtual assistants in our ears. It will not be noticed that we carry something extra, but we will feel like seeing the real world through a smartphone. Also, social networks will unite with reality. We can see an unknown person on the street and with the help of person recognition software that will be connected to our control centers, we will immediately know his name and we will be able to find his profile. As a consequence, privacy will almost disappear.

5. Artificial intelligence

We will have to ask ourselves whether the machines will be our slaves or masters. Computers will be able to solve problems as well as people, and they will have the potential to overcome us in a short time. Then we will ask ourselves if we allow them to take control or try to regulate and change artificial intelligence. The idea of a genetic modification of humans will also appear in order to be able to compete with machines. Our decisions will have a significant impact on the order in the world. If the West decides to regulate the machines, it will notice a downgrade compared to countries that allow computers to grow uncontrollably.

6. Party

Today, people are “glued” to their phones, but imagine life in 2040. Multiply that dependency with 100! We spend most of our time in virtual worlds, whether it’s a matter of work or enjoyment. People will rarely leave the virtual world to meet people in real life.

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