EIon Musk insists that Mars is the new Earth, however scientists disagree



Elon Musk always says that

Mars may be a planet which will “be fixed” to be an equivalent because the Earth, and folks will carry on it.
But, consistent with a brand new NASA-sponsored study, “repairs” won’t work as Mask imagines.

Scientists behind this project say it’s simply not possible for Mars to have the same properties as Planet Earth, that is, to change the environment so that people can live there without life-sustaining systems using today’s technology.

Mars has a super thin atmosphere; the unprotected man on the surface of Mars will quickly die, mostly because there is not enough atmospheric pressure to prevent all organs from getting out of your body (if you survived a little longer, you can also suffocate by lack of oxygen, freeze from low temperatures, or spray from too much ultraviolet radiation).

This study, published in the journal Nature Astronomy, finds it difficult to increase the pressure of the atmosphere on the Red Planet, so people can go to the surface of Mars without a costume under pressure and, ideally, without a breathing apparatus.

The scientist proposed a plan to increase this atmospheric pressure: to release carbon dioxide (CO2) captured on the surface of Mars. In 2015, Mask famously suggested that this be achieved by putting nuclear weapons on the planet’s poles.

According to the new study, there is simply not enough CO2 on the planet to increase atmospheric pressure on Earth’s levels. They claim that we can only increase the atmospheric pressure on Mars of about 6 percent as it is on Earth to 7 percent. It’s not enough to keep all your organs.

The researchers reached this conclusion using observations of Mars spacecraft in the past 20 years, but that research wealth is not enough to deflect Mask.

He immediately wrote on Twitter to confirm that Mars has enough CO2 captured in the soil, so that it can turn into a planet for life. He did not specify which research supports his claims.

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