Introduction to the Environmental Science



Introduction to the Environmental Science

Our Earth

  • The environment consists of everything living and nonliving around us, environmental science studies these interactions

  • Renewable Vs. nonrenewable resources

  • Ecosystem services… the human effect

An ecosystem service is essentially a service that the natural world provides, so, for example, a bee pollinating a plant why this is a problem as we continue to pollute and hurt the natural world these systems stop working.

Population Growth and Resources Consumption

  • Population near 6.9 bilion

– Agricultural revolution (sedentary living)

-Industrial revolution(urban living, fossil fuels)

-The greatest factor in environmental problems

Light and Sun

Light (visible light) is electromagnetic radiation, whose wavelength is visible to the human eye. The way in which the radiation from this part of the electromagnetic spectrum interacts with materials does not differ in any way from ultraviolet radiation. The sun gives us that energy (renewabe also) and light on which we depend. It creates enough heat on the planet earth to function and enabling life. We can even make the sun to be our main source for energy. Not yet cause the somewhere in the bigger cities the power demand is very big and that’s why nuclear power plants are still the biggest supplier of energy. But if we setup solar panels for us and on some signifficantly big places on earth which have sun light most of the days of the year, we might come to satisfy 30% of the demanded energy on planet earth.


Water is also important for environment and it is essential for our life. 70% of the planet earth is covered with water and if there is no water nothing will be alive. We drink it, we use it, and make energy out of it Water can be frozen, liquid and gas when we boil it. That means that the element is clean but we must take care of our environment and the water will be more cleaner and easier to supply to all places on earth.


Air is also important part of our environment. We all want to breathe clean air, but in the big cities in the world sometimes the pollution goes higher which is not good. In order to keep it clean we must take care of our environment. The way we setup our factories, our power plants and how we filtrate them is very important. Keep in mind that power plants are very important to us, but still if we take care how we do the infrastructure for them can maintain fresh and clean air, during the whole year







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