Is There Life on Venus? Astronomers Have a Lead!


Humans have always asked themselves whether there is life outside of planet Earth. In the meantime, scientists have been so close to discovering life on Mars, but other planets have remained almost undiscovered. We used to think that our solar system most definitely has no life outside of our planet. However, astronomers have found some phosphine gas in Venus’ environment, which indicates the presence of living organisms. So, is there life on Venus? With all the new information coming out of the media, it remains unclear if that is the case or not.

What Did Astronomers Find on Venus?

Phosphine. And not on Venus but rather on its clouds. Astronomers found phosphine in the clouds set all around Venus, i.e. in its environment. This does not mean that aliens were detected. The only thing that is found is the phosphine gas, which could mean life on Venus – but could also portray a chemical process we have not seen before. What gives us optimism is the fact that the phosphine has found itself exactly in the area that could be habitable.

The gas found on Venus is a minor one. You can find 20 molecules of phosphine in every one billion in the atmosphere. But this does not actually mean that it’s not enough for life. On Earth, you could find even lower concentrations of phosphine in the atmosphere where life is detected, obviously.

Life on Venus 1


How To Imagine Life on Venus?

Life on Venus should be much similar to life on Earth. Of course, it is nonsense to compare them without actual proof of living organisms there. However, knowing that these two planets are often called twins due to their similar size, and the fact that Venus is only 30% closer to the sun, we might have an idea. The fact remains that with Venus’ temperature of some 900 degrees Fahrenheit – it’s probably not your dream place.

Science is evolving more and more every day. No wonder if astronomers get even more fascinating results over time.

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