NASA space reached the asteroid that could one day strike the Earth



After two years of “chasing,” the NASA space reached and came to the asteroid Benu. Robotic explorer Osiris-Rex on Monday moved 19 kilometers from the spacecraft and in the orbit of the asteroid should enter by the end of the year. No spacecraft has ever reached such a body until now.

Benu is considered a potentially dangerous asteroid, and according to scientists’ estimates, near the Earth could be found in about 150 years.

If it clashed with the Earth, Then it would probably make a big crater.

Oziris-Rex should collect at least 60 grams of dust, the first such attempt by the United States after a smaller mission to another asteroid, conducted by Japan. The space ship will not land, but in 2020 using a mechanical hand of three meters will try to collect particles from the asteroid.


It is planned that the sample container will be returned to the country, more precisely in Utah in the US in the next few years.

“We’re barely waiting for the survey to begin,” said scientist Dante Laurent from the University of Arizona.

“Until Then he will wait to be backed”

Benny is 122 million kilometers from the Earth and is estimated to have a diameter of about 500 meters. Scientists will report more details about this asteroid next week, during a meeting in Washington.

With the size of a larger car, the spacecraft will follow the asteroid for a year, before extracting the necessary particles from it and returning to Earth.

Meanwhile, a Japanese spacecraft has spotted another asteroid located near Earth and said they would go on a mission to take particles from it.

This asteroid is called the Ringu and is twice as big as Benu.

Data from this asteroid should come to Earth by 2020.


  1. michael atkinson

    January 9, 2019 at 11:36 am

    mount propulsion probs to push it in another direction.

  2. frankie

    January 10, 2019 at 1:26 am

    what he said

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