Neil deGrasse Tyson explained why we should not be afraid of the cosmos



When it comes to call, we
usually, think of people who have chosen a religious or military path. But if you ask Neil deGrasse Tyson about how he became an astrophysicist, he will respond as follows:

I think the universe called me. I feel that i could not answer otherwise

Tyson, the director of the Heyden Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History in New York, is a prolific writer and often cited as an authority in astronomy in the media. He also appeared in a variety of television shows, as well as many shows he leads independently.

This spring, Tyson releases a new series called Space: Odyssey of Space-Time. This is an update of the powerful “Space” series of 1980. Tyson then entered the post-graduate school of astrophysics and remembers the original Cosmos of Carl Sagan.

This was “evidence that a scientist can communicate with the public in a way that is very different from walks in the classroom or in broadcasts,” says Tyson. “His style was talkative and domestic. He was on the screen, but in fact, he was with you in the living room. “

Tyson worked with Ann Druyan, widow of Sagan, developing a new series that came out on March 9-10 screens on Fox and National Geographic TV channels.

If you are from those people who do not like to think about astronomy because she is trying to embrace the immense, Tyson thinks differently:

“Our molecules came from stars that exploded and spilled across the galaxy. Take a look at the Universe with the eyes of the participants of this event – and I think you will feel enormous, not small sands in space. Any astrophysicist who looks into the cosmos feels great. “

On the harmony of science and show business

I do not think that one of the two should compromise so that both are successful; I will not agree with this. I think, if you do not get deep enough into science, you will find yourself in a dead end and say: “So, I’m in a dead end. I need to be interesting, but not meaningful. ” But if you think more deeply about visualization and content, you will get both of them in a better way.

What’s wrong with “Gravity”

Cosmos is primarily the sphere of science, and we can only tell stories about it in terms of science. As for Hollywood … I think they allow omissions, either by ignorance, or because they so want it, as if this would limit their flexibility to the narrative.

In the film “Gravity” I counted about 10 laps in the hope that they would be justified, but no. For example, I did not understand why Sandra Bullock, Doctor of Calling, is repairing the Hubble Space Telescope. Take it away from my telescope! I do not go into her operating as an astrophysicist and I do not tell her what to do. Many such laps.

Or her hair – her hair had to swim in weightlessness – but no. They were like a heavy mousse or something like that. We have seen cosmonauts in outer space, and with confidence, we say that their hair is sticking in all directions, and it looks fun and fun.

About Pluto

Neil deGrasse Tyson discussed the controversial planet in 2009 with Melissa Block.

Pluto is not only the smallest planet, one would not hurt him, but the fact is that half of its volume occupies ice. There is no such planet on any other planet. Therefore, if you launch Pluto into Earth right now, heating the Sun melts ice and forms the plane’s tail. And the planets do not behave so well.

Pluto’s orbit prolongs so much that it crosses the orbit of Neptune. And we have a name for objects that cross the orbits of other planets and are made mostly for ice: we call them comets. In addition, there are six moons in the solar system, which are more Pluto, including the Earth’s moon – it is five times heavier than Pluto. In fact, Pluto was never the ninth planet. It was the first class of objects that we could not detect before the early ’90s.

About the big puzzles of astronomy

We can measure the influence of the thing that we call dark energy, it makes the universe expand faster and faster. We do not know what it is, we do not know anything about it except what it does for the Universe.

About 85% of the gravity of the universe has a point of origin, of which we know nothing. We consider all the matter and energy we know, we measure their gravitational field – and it turns out to be six times less than the gravity present in the Universe. We call it dark matter, but in fact, we should call it “dark gravity.” And what is it, we do not know.

We do not know how inanimate organic molecules on Earth have become self-replicating life. The smartest people are working on this issue.

We do not know what was before the birth of the Universe. We do not know what’s in the center of the black hole. We do not know if our universe is really one of many. We want to know whether life in the ocean of the satellite of Jupiter Europe flourishes.

But my favorite question is that which has not been asked yet because it is a question that arose after finding answers to all the above answers. If you are a scientist and you have answers even in the absence of data, you will not become good scientists.

How to Become an “Innovation Nation”

When you see that an asteroid flies to us, what do you think of? “Run!” Or “Where is my stock of toilet paper”? No. If you think about it, you are not exactly from an innovative nation. Innovators will ask themselves: “How to protect us from the asteroid? How can we destroy it? How much of it can be extracted from minerals? ” I do not think that the United States today is part of such a culture.

About “cosmic prospects”

Neil deGrasse Tyson is going deep o this, you will never find people who actually understand the cosmic perspective and lead the states to the war. This will not happen. When you look into the cosmic perspective, you will see a small sandbox called Earth and ask yourself the question: “Why do you kill people? For what reason? Ah, to pump oil from the ground … What? WHAT? “. I do not think that there are enough people on this planet who understand the prospects of space exploration. It will change our lives.


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