Nikola Tesla, Autobiography: These are the biggest human misconceptions!



In his time, Tesla was much more advanced than others. Among other things, and thinking, in some way he “knew” the problems that we will face today. Tesla autobiography was also his biggest accomplishment.

First place

In the first place, there are human misconceptions about the universe. It’s very strange because it does not originate from the old or middle ages. But on the contrary – from modern times.

This is misleading that Earth is the only inhabited planet. That humans are the most developed race in the universe. That the universe is a vacuum, without energies and substances. But in large part, it’s full of planets, stars, and cosmic particles.

human misconceptions

They are like many others. They actually come without any facts and evidence. As the first scientists have concluded, later no one else was able to refute those facts, since they also had no facts or evidence.

Second Place

The second human misconceptions are about the occurrence of disease. The ignorance and misconception about the ways to eliminate them are big.

human misconceptions

It is the second most important part. Due to prevalence, and irreparable mistakes in science, people often pay with their lives or health, and creative and intellectual potentials are lost Since past mistakes prevent them from developing a great way to fight diseases.

Third place

The third Tesla Autobiography, biggest misconception concerns the possibilities that give man energy, because, not knowing the other energies, the man only seized the possibilities for using electricity and heat, wind and solar energy, while the rest that is not mentioned is completely unknown.

human misconceptions

Even worse is that it is not even thought of, as well as the use of numerous energies that can help a man in almost all areas of his interest, which could revive the Earth and the entire human civilization!


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