Possible volcanic activity in an Icelandic region after 800 years



The last long period of volcanic activity lasted as long as 30 years, which could be repeated in the future.

In the last two and a half months, more than 8,000 earthquakes have been recorded on the Icelandic island of Reykjanes,home to the town of Grindavik with more than 3,000 inhabitants.That is clear sign of the awakening of volcanic activity on a plateau that has not erupted for more than 800 years.

“This region has been inactive for centuries, it is now waking up,” warned Dave McGraw a volcanologist from the University of Lancaster, “and if there are really large eruptions, the consequences would be huge.”

Volcanologists have told „The Guardian” that the eruption of volcanoes in the future may be specific to the area – they say that unlike typical Icelandic volcanoes that briefly “wake up” every few years in the Reykjavik area. Volcanoes can be active for 300 years, with eruptive episodes lasting a long time.

Volcanic activity

Volcanoes emit “lava from the font”, but often without much ash and explosive activity. The last major eruption was recorded between 1210 and 1240, and the lava expanded to about 50 square kilometers.
According to the latest findings from scientists, at least six separate eruptions that lasted from a few weeks to several months were often without volcanic activity over a 12-year period.

In the event that this happens today, as the worst case scenario, experts warn that the lava would descend on the city of Grindavik, and the nearby geothermal power plants could face problems.

This area is located near the Blue Lagoon and only 15 km away from the international airport, so there is a high risk in any case.

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