Scientists claim that first life on earth has arrived from space



Scientists from the University of Hawaii, together with colleagues from France and Taiwan, have discovered that phosphates are first life on earth who have arrived

planet from outer space.

The phosphates are “building blocks” embedded in the chromosomes of each living cell, without which there would be no reproduction, which means that there would be no life, and on Earth were brought by meteorites or a comet in the first billion years of the existence of our planet.

The revolutionary study “Interstellar synthesis of phosphoric oxides” was made by prominent professors Andrew Turner and Ralf Kaiser, and was published in the scientific magazine “Communications of Nature”.

Until this scientific discovery, scientists have so far been unable to explain the origin of those phosphates and pyrophosphoric acids, which are the most important ingredient of chromosomes and carriers of genetic information.

Scientists in the laboratory made the conditions that exist on one comet: In a vacuum chamber with a temperature of -240 degrees Celsius, they put pieces of interstellar ice with carbon dioxide, water and phosphine, after which they exposed them to ionizing radiation as it happens in space .

In such conditions, chemical reactions emerged that resulted in the formation of phosphorus oxoacids that are the same as those found in our chromosomes.

“Phosphine is deadly on Earth, but in an interstellar environment of exotic chemistry, phosphine can cause rare chemical reactions, initiate the creation of bioreligible molecules such as phosphoric oxo, which could possibly cause a molecular evolution of life that we know”, said Professor Turner.

According to scientists, when the comet or meteorite brought them to Earth, that ox oids

started the phosphorus chemistry. And if that can happen on Earth, then according to scientists, it can happen on other planets.

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