Scientists proclaimed the primary birth of a baby in space in 2024



The idea of a

baby in space may sound like part of a science fiction movie.

But scientists say it will become reality in six years.

The space life Origin based company in the Netherlands announced something interesting Their plan is to give birth to the first baby in space in 2024 and that it requires volunteers.

Keys Mulder, company director, says that if mankind plans to become a multifaceted species, it must learn to multiply in space.

The company claims it will create a “space incubator”.

It will carry eggs and spermatozoan and can be sent to orbit in 2021.


When it’s found in the house, the embryos will begin to develop.

Details are still not clear how this will take place.

The company plans to relinquish birth to the primary baby in the house in 2024.


In the words of the director of this company, the mission will last between 24 and 36 hours.
The woman can provide birth outside the country within the presence of a specialized medical team.

A carefully prepared and supervised process will foresee all risks to the mother and child, according to the standards of the Earth, explains Mulder spokesman.

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