Scientists have accidentally discovered a new galaxy



A group of astronomers studying the clustered star cluster observed that some stars did not belong to the observed group and soon found that they were part of a neighboring galaxy that until that moment was completely unknown to the human eye.

It is not uncommon for scientists to accidentally come up with such major discoveries, so the starry cluster gave way to the new galaxy, which, in honor of the team leader, was named Bedin I.

It’s about a small and fairly old galaxy, located on 30 million light-years from our, which in the cosmic conditions is quite close.

The galaxy is part of the Pavo constellation, seen from the northern Earth’s hemisphere and has not been noticed since it is in the shadow of the star cluster NGC 6752, which was actually the subject of this research.

The newly discovered galaxy is not only small but rather decent and elaborate, so scientists assume it originated a few billion years ago, making it the perfect candidate for studying, the purpose of which is to demystify the ways of creating a galaxy.

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