Scientists have developed computer science which will disclose depression through speech



Experts often emphasize that people who are depressed
do not necessarily have to show some sign of depression, at least until it is too late.

Since it’s very difficult to recognize the signs of depression in others, scientists have developed artificial intelligence. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology University have developed a neural network that has the power to find signs of depression supported the manner we have a tendency to speak.

This model can be applied to all types of conversations, such as interviews, where artificial intelligence can detect whether a person is depressed, without having to undergo long-term research or other information.

The artificial intelligence that reveals depression is not news, however, one of the biggest differences between the existing and the MIT model is that the first model requires patients to answer certain questions, which means that there are limitations when and how they can be he applied that model.

The “MIT” model, on the other hand, uses speech patterns to detect depression without the need for specific questions or answers. Scientists believe that one day all this will be built into a smartphone application that will track the user’s conversations and will send a warning to doctors if it detects something suspicious.

If we neglect concerns about privacy violations, this is not actually a bad idea, although it remains to be seen whether it will be implemented and what the effect will be.

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