Simulation of time travel with photons



It seems that time travel is really possible, at least when it comes to light particles.

Using a photon, physicists managed to perform a simulation where quantum particles traveled through time. Studying photon behavior could be helpful for scientists in clarifying some inexplicable aspects of modern physics.

“The theme related to time travel is found among the two most successful but still incompatible physical theories – Einstein’s general relativity and quantum mechanics,” says Martin Ringbauer of the University of Queensland. “Einstein’s theory explains the universe in terms of large objects like the stars and galaxies, while quantum mechanics is a great explanation for the smallest objects such as atoms and molecules.”

According to the relative placement and movement of an object in relation to another, time will either accelerate or slow down. Einstein’s theory suggests the possibility of traveling back through time by tracking the path through space-time that returns back to the point of beginning in space but at a prior time. This path is called a closed time curve (shown in the picture) and represents a wormhole through which you can travel.

According to the authors, the paradox for time travel in quantum mode can be resolved, making closed time curves consistent with relativity. For example, near the black hole, the extreme effects of the general relativity play a major role.

As shown above, a quantum particle travels back through time through a wormhole and returns to the same location in space-time.

“The properties of quantum particles, for the first time, are vague or uncertain, and that gives enough space to avoid inconsistent travel-related situations,” says Tim Ralph. “Our studies allow us to see where and how nature would behave differently in relation to previously predicted theories.” This includes disruptions to the Heisenberg principle of insecurity, the penetration of quantum cryptography, and the perfect cloning of quantum states.

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