Stephen Hawking: Ten short answers to big questions



Famous physicist Stephen Hawking
recorded a video message before the world was first shown to the presentation of his book “Short answers to big questions” before his death. In it he answers the 10 most common questions that he asked.

In the video, he talks about US President Donald Trump, noting that his victory in the presidential election, as well as Brexit, “are part of a world rebellion against experts, including scientists”.

– God does not exist, nor, “life after”. And surely there is no paradise, says Hawking.

Hawking further states that education and science are “at risk greater than ever” and that experts are not respected the Independent reports.

Recognizing that science has yet to solve many of the world’s major problems and that scientists face significant challenges, such as climate change, overcrowding, the extinction of some animal and plant species, the destruction of forests and pollution of the oceans, Hawking urged young people to ” they look at the stars, not in their own legs. ”

– Try to understand what you see and ask yourself – what is the universe? It is important not to give up, to free your mind. Formulate the future, said Hawking.

Shortly before his death, Hawking began to compile answers to questions that people often asked him. They can now be found in his last book.


Is there a God? – No. Nobody manages our universe.

How did everything begin? – With the Big Bang.

What’s in the black hole? – Falling into a black hole is definitely bad news. If it’s a stellar black hole, you’ll turn into spaghetti before reaching the horizon.

Can We Predict the Future? – And not, yes. In fact, laws allow us to anticipate the future, but in practice, it is too difficult.

Is a timeline possible? – According to our current findings, the journey in the past cannot be excluded.

Will We Survive the Earth? – The current world order has a future, but it will be very different.

Is there a progressive life in the universe? – There are forms of advanced life upstairs. We need to be careful in the response while we are still developing.

Should We Colonize the Universe? – Yes. I expect that for the next hundred years we will be able to travel anywhere in the Solar System.

Will we be outspoken by artificial intelligence? – Artificial intelligence will be very successful in achieving goals, but if those goals do not match with ours, then we have a problem.

How to shape the future? – Remember, look up at the stars, not down in your feet.


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