Study reveals: Stimulation of the brain during sleep improves memory



The dream is necessary for re sting on the whole body, but the latest study reveals that it can also serve to train the memory.

A good sleep is considered a kind of exclusion and restoration of the brain, but the latest study reveals that it is a great time to train and improve memory.

The study, published by the research center “HRL Laboratories”, states that remembering can be enhanced by stimulating the brain during sleep. The memory transfer from one brain to the other for long term memory is a process that is believed to be enhanced by their synchronization that takes place during sleep.

The researchers therefore tried to boost the process with “overnight reactivation”, stimulating the brains of the examinees and mimicking this effect.

Participants in the experiment, in an

awkward state, detect potential threats such as explosive devices and enemy snipers, and their results improved significantly after the stimulation.

The study, which is part of a project funded by the US Department of Defense, is the latest in a series of recently published studies that concluded that sleep activity can have a concrete impact on our ability to remember.


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