The largest asteroid in this century will pass close to the Earth



Florence is the name of the largest asteroid in more than a century, is now on its way to reaching Earth at a near 7m-km distance, NASA said.

Florence has a diameter of 4.4 kilometers and in the next few centuries does not pose a threat to the Earth.

Asteroids are the remains of the formation of stars and planets.

The asteroid Florence was discovered in 1981. At the closest distance to reach Earth, Florence will be 18 times the average distance between the Earth and the moon.

This earthquake with the asteroid Florence is the first since 1890, and the next will be as long as 2500 years old, according to the American Space Agency.

The asteroid will be relatively easy to see with good observation equipment, not only because it’s large, but also because it reflects 20 percent of the sunlight that illuminates its surface. For comparison, the moon averages 12% of the sun’s light.

An object of the size of Florence would cause global effects on the Earth if it hit it. Scientists believe they have identified more than 90 percent of such giant stones moving in space close to our planet.

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