The most famous alien searching telescope destroyed



The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is known for scanning space in search of asteroids and extraterrestrial life, but stopped operating this week after a devastating telescope accident.

The University of Central Florida issued a statement stating that the telescope was destroyed after a metal cable fell, writes Live Science.

“We have a team of experts assessing the situation,” said director Francisco Cordova. “Our focus is on staff safety, protection of the facility and equipment as well as getting the telescope back into operation as soon as possible, so that it can once again help scientists around the world.”

Arecibo began operations in 1963 from the bottom of a natural pit in Puerto Rico. At the time it was completed, it was the largest telescope with a diameter of 305 meters.

You may not know the telescope by name, but you know it thanks to the 1997 film Contact.

An investigation has been launched into this unfortunate event.


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