is Artificial Intelligence a threat, These are the 7 theories



Today there are several theories concerning the potential threat of computer science.
The films during which the most villains ar robots are getting more and more varied.
But what do scientists and specialists truly have faith in the power of artificial intelligence?

On this list are the most famous theories and opinions of scientists about them.

1. Armament race

On July 28, 2015, a group of tech giants, including Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Noam Chomsky, wrote an open letter for the biggest threat of artificial intelligence – a arms race.

These folks describe the likelihood of a 3rd revolution in warfare, after gunpowder and nuclear weapons.

On the one hand, autonomous weapons will reduce the number of soldiers killed.

But on the opposite hand, military forces can begin a global arms race and create autonomous weapons that are capable of everything – from assassinations to genocide.

2. Artificial Intelligence Programmed for Destruction

Associated with the previous theory, scientists are afraid that artificial intelligence with the ability to kill can be found in the wrong hands. The same cluster of individuals within the previous theory thinks that if such weapons are created, they will be more complicated and can not simply be turned off.

3. Unemployment due to artificial intelligence

Experts predict that unemployment will increase as we are now witnessing workers who are replaced by robots. But many of the industries seeking “knowledge” will suffer from this. Every day we see how artificial intelligence slowly penetrates into medicine, law and architecture.

4. Artificial intelligence as a professional

There is a philosopher, Nick Bostrom, who uses a paper filler script to explain the theory. Imagine a robot who is very good at his job: turning various things into fillers. But since it does not have any decision-making abilities, the robot starts everything it sees to turn into fillers, including people. The purpose of this ridiculous example is to demonstrate the fear that some experts have with the unintended consequences of artificial intelligence. Theoretically, this is possible. Artificial intelligence becomes thus smart in its work, so its program will force her to remove everything that disturbs her in fulfilling the task.

5. Random destructive artificial intelligence

Experts believe that computer science is formed to try and do kickshaws, but sometimes bad to achieve its goal.
Imagine that computer science is obtaining associate order to form folks not be hurt.
To achieve the goal, artificial intelligence prevents people from giving birth at all.

Still, it’s just doing the job, right?

6. Singularity

The made history of phantasy created this theory one amongst the foremost noted.

For those who do not know, the singularity is when artificial intelligence officially overcomes a person.

This is the instant once machines are usurping the planet.

Although not quite realistic, Stephen Hawking and Elon Mask have said they are scared of this. However, Hawking is optimistic and believes that while the time comes for singularity, mankind will live out of the Earth.

7. People think they understand artificial intelligence

Research shows us that we do not understand the danger posed by artificial intelligence. We think that if robots look like humans, they will behave like humans. Because artificial intelligence is not human, there is a danger of creating something that will not behave as we have foreseen.

Look at them and discoveries represent the future of technology.



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