Three techniques that can help you when you have terrifying panic attacks



The feeling that causes a panic attack is difficult to describe to someone who has never experienced it, and it is more difficult for him to deal with and help the person who survives.

In this case you can notice that a person is shaking, her heart beats faster, sweat, her muscles are sore, feels nausea and dizziness, vomits and feels numbness in her arms and legs. A person who has a panic attack at that moment loses touch with reality.

Although the episodes of the attack usually pass within 20 minutes, there are several things you can do to help yourself or the person who passes through a difficult moment. These three techniques will benefit you:

Try diaphragm breathing

The panic attack “throws” you in psychological stress because your body thinks you need protection. One of the most important techniques is deep breathing from a diaphragm. During panic attacks, the body hyperventilates, and the breath is shortened – this sends a signal to the brain that you are under stress, and breathing from the diaphragm that you are good and that you need to relax.

Reshape your thoughts

When experiencing a panic attack, try to think quite differently. You need to remove the thoughts that frighten you and focus only on positive things. Remind yourself that this attack does not last long and that it will pass.

Do not avoid places and situations


People suffering from panic attacks tend to avoid places, people or things that link them to the attacks. If you have had a panic attack in a restaurant, do not stop at that restaurant. If the attack took place while driving a car, do not give up on it. Avoiding you will not build self-confidence and strength to confront such a feeling.

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