Why do people drink coffee when it has a bitter taste?



It may sound strange,  however, people in that area unit a lot of sense to the bitter style of occasional truly drink quite it.

This sensitivity is not related only to taste, but also influences from the genetics of the personality.

“I would expect people who are more sensitive to the bitterness of caffeine to drink coffee less often. The opposite results from our research have shown that consumers are looking for bitter taste because of the learned positive effect of caffeine, “said Merlin Cornellis, one of the researchers.

In other words, people who have a greater ability to taste the bitterness of coffee, especially the taste of caffeine, learn to link it to good things. This finding is surprising because bitterness is often a warning mechanism that forces people to spit harmful substances.

The researchers conducted the research in order to understand how genomics affect the consumption of tea, coffee, and alcohol, which often have a bitter taste.

“While all the bitter tastes may be the same, we are experiencing the bitterness of kale, tea and coffee differently. The extent to which these tastes hinder you depends on your genes, “said lead researcher Jue Sheng Ong.

For research, scientists followed the genes and daily consumption of bitter products of over 400,000 people from the UK. With the help of genes associated with the ability to taste bitterness, scientists were able to discover whether those who are more sensitive to bitterness prefer tea or coffee.

The results showed that people with vegetable-like genes tasted more often tea than coffee. People who were more sensitive to the bitterness of green vegetables tried to avoid coffee.

At the same time, people who were sensitive to bitterness in kale rarely drank alcohol, especially red wine, unlike others. Scientists hope that this can further explore dependence.

Nothing was added in the coffee, neither milk nor sugar. There are many factors that affect the taste of coffee and many people drink different types of coffee. The researchers just wanted to find out how genes affect the consumption of bitter things. The results showed that maybe all types of coffee have similar bitterness.

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