Now you can explore moons and planets with app Google Maps



If you’ve got the will to explore the universewe’ve excellent news for you. Google introduced the new app Google Maps possibility with that you’ll explore planets like Venus, Mercury and Pluto, also as many frozen moons in our system.

This new option allows you to move between several celestial bodies, rotate and bring planets and moons closer. Reportedly, the project was inspired by Cassini, which has sent thousands of photos. These photographs reveal completely new parts of Jupiter, Saturn, and their moons.

“20 years ago, the Cassini spacecraft was launched on a journey that would reveal the secrets of Saturn and its moons. During the mission, Cassini made and sent nearly half a million photos of the Earth, allowing scientists to reconstruct these distant worlds with incredible details, “Google said.

Because there is still no search option, navigation can go hard. On the other hand, this allows you to navigate yourself through the Solar System, which is really exciting.

In addition to Jupiter and Saturn, you can explore Ceres, Io, Europe, and Mimas (the frozen moons that probably have extraterrestrial life.) The oldest version of app Google maps allowed users to see Earth, the moon, Mars, Mercury and the International Space Station, and these options will remain available now.

Although there are some small problems that need to be worked out, all in all this is a great way to explore our solar system.

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